Alzheimer Insights by CurationHealth
On the one hand, people with dementia can lose interest in eating, leading to weight complications and possible infections. On the other hand, they are also less interested in long explanations for why they should do anything, including eating to keep their health up. How can anybody square this circle, and get them to eat?
There’s no shortage of advice on this very topic. The predictive text facility on my web browser only had to see “Getting demen-… “ and it finished the typing for me: “Getting dementia patients to eat” and in scarcely more than one second turned up almost two million results. If you don’t wish to knock yourself out and are looking for a distillation of all that wisdom, the key seems to be in keeping portions small, balancing what they like with what they need; make it easy as possible to drink water regularly and often; and spend as much time on preparing the setting as on preparing the food. Distractions of all sorts kept to a minimum, and the atmosphere set always at calm and positive.
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